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Welcome to Herban Traveler!


Many journeys await us all, come and share ways of making them each special.

Sharing natural ways of making all of life's journeys joyful.

Here you will find herbal remedies, essential oil preparations, meditations, creative expressions, and healing energies.


Daydream of adventures. Get inspired. Plan a journey!


Natural comforts. Stress avoidance. Pleasant roads!


Become self-reliant. Be responsible. Enjoy making!


Question beliefs. Meditate on mantras. Find your peace!

Categorized and unbound

My beliefs are open. My experiences stand as they are. How I interpret those things and allow them to shape my behaviors changes from moment to moment. Loyalty can be tested. I can hop from one path to another in pursuit of that dream. You know the one, the one that's...

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Happy New Year!

I'm so excited to be getting this venture off the ground! I am exploring so many things right now - herbs and natural remedies, folk traditions, energy medicine, intuition and meditation. I love that I can combine it with the creative part of my spirit - cooking,...

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