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No really, it’s cold. Cold may not be sufficient to describe what it is. We’re skiing in Vermont and it’s like we entered the land of the frost giants! I don’t do cold. To my mind this weather is made for sipping at a personal pot of tea under a cozy blanket in a comfy chair in front of the fire, perhaps with a beloved pet, music and a good book. My family however, LOVE winter sports. I love my family. So here I am in -4 degree weather, with a windchill to -16 and 15 mph winds. Yay. YAY for a happy family!!!

Moving is good, as it keeps you warm. Layers are good. Silk topped with wool topped with high-tech material. I’m an herbalist, but that doesn’t mean I have to shun all modern technology! Take the Grabber hand and foot warmers. Straightforward ingredients, no particularly heinous chemicals, MSDS and toxicology test reports available on their website. Can do! But what about the skin that just doesn’t get covered, or gets uncovered while you’re moving? I made sure to give us a good morning moisturizing with skin friendly herbs, including our lips!

Here’s how I made it: I used equal parts calendula, comfrey, St. John’s Wort and plantain and placed them in a jar. I covered the herbs with EVOO and let them steep for a month or so, stirring them every few days. I kept the jar in a sunny window somewhere I would remember to tend it! When it was “done” I strained it and then added about 1/4 cup beeswax for each cup of oil (I like the pellets as they melt quicker). This was melted together on the stovetop. I added several drops of lavender essential oil and tea tree essential oil. I poured the mixture off into glass jars and small take-with-me tins, and labeled all with the ingredients and date.

This really helped keep the chapping down by creating a thin protective barrier on our skin. It’s great for lots of minor scratches, itches and burns. I re-applied at the end of the day; mid-day as well for my lips and the tip of my nose!

Working from the inside, I drank lots of tea to boost my system, keep my hydrated and warm up! I had black tea as well as red clover, milky oats, nettle, lavender and dandelion with me. I alternated each cup, and took a pinch of what felt right each time, but spent most of the day using the red clover to keep my blood circulating. She did her part!

The family? Well, they opted for hot cocoa with real whipped cream. 🙂

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