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My beliefs are open. My experiences stand as they are. How I interpret those things and allow them to shape my behaviors changes from moment to moment.

Loyalty can be tested. I can hop from one path to another in pursuit of that dream. You know the one, the one that’s just a touch too hazy? The one you know will be the answer to your quest for happiness if you can just break through the mists into crystal clarity, into The Plan?! The one the vision of which distracts you from creating it as you go, from forming the mists at your whim into whatever you need?

I strive to perform magic every day, moulding the mists for my purposes before gratefully releasing it back to its comforting sea. Some days it is heavy, some days sparse, and resists my efforts. In these times I find it best to look upstream and discover the source of the change. Fix it. It is my mist; it is me. It is worthy of my attentions. At this point in my existence it must be well. It must be whole and able to connect to the energy of all that I may receive its blessings.

The path, the tools, the pursuits. The travel.

What shall we make of the mist today?



Image credit: Mist Covering a Meadow under Forest Encroachment, By Wing-Chi Poon [CC BY-SA 2.5 ], via Wikimedia Commons

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