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Midnight musings, energetic explorations, and gifts from the heart!

[Don’t] Bring It Home

Travel brings us closer to humanity. Sometimes humans should stay home! The youngest brought home a stomach flu from our ski trip. UGH.  He was as good natured as one can be when vomiting on and off all day. I watched carefully, ready to call the pediatrician if it...



No really, it's cold. Cold may not be sufficient to describe what it is. We're skiing in Vermont and it's like we entered the land of the frost giants! I don't do cold. To my mind this weather is made for sipping at a personal pot of tea under a cozy blanket in a...

Categorized and unbound

Categorized and unbound

My beliefs are open. My experiences stand as they are. How I interpret those things and allow them to shape my behaviors changes from moment to moment. Loyalty can be tested. I can hop from one path to another in pursuit of that dream. You know the one, the one that's...

Happy New Year!

I'm so excited to be getting this venture off the ground! I am exploring so many things right now - herbs and natural remedies, folk traditions, energy medicine, intuition and meditation. I love that I can combine it with the creative part of my spirit - cooking,...

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