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Christine Connors


This is My Story

I made my career in high-tech, a frequent business traveler. It can take its toll so I began looking for ways to improve my own happiness and wellness in and outside the corporate walls. I felt it all deeply – stress & anxiety, sour stomach from eating on the go, the big high after a successful launch or stimulating conference. I stumbled upon Maia Toll’s course, Sage School,  having visited her charming shop Herbiary, and decided to jump right in and began a new kind of journey. It felt like returning to the childhood my grandfather had crafted for me where I could be smart and happy.

I graduated from Sage School and practiced community herbalism while working full-time. I began working on my clinical aromatherapist certification at the Aromahead Institute. I changed jobs, and things didn’t get better. I took a guided meditation course and my doctor told me to begin doing HeartMath. I doubled-down on using herbs and essential oils for myself. I realized that my family (who had been skeptical but supportive) was asking specifically for herbal preparations. My youngest, still in elementary school, asked me to teach him meditation! I found a great acupuncturist and a yoga studio with a community that felt like family. I felt more like me.

I began seeing connections between the management methodologies and HR performance development tools I used at work and the things I was learning in class. For example, I mapped my Meyers-Briggs type to my Five Element type – and it made sense. I began working with my staff on a different level. We brought our whole selves to work – we talked about our projects AND our aspirations, our challenges as opportunities, our successes in the office and in our volunteer work. Here’s what Patrick, a team member, had to say about the changes I made to my leadership and management style:

“Christine allowed team members to thrive from their own creative intentions, yet at the same time having the knack of aligning the small actions to realize the great importance and consequence down the line of her team’s greater foresight and vision. Christine always had a strong bearing for the structure our team operated within, yet never allowed the structure to impinge upon our team, which allowed the team to expand beyond the boundaries, pushing team members to execute and perform at high levels. Always striving for her team to innovate, Christine added zest to process. In addition, her constant respect for team members and ability to connect with others was impeccable.” Patrick D. Clark, MLIS

But professional development is inconsistent in business, and it doesn’t always jive with personal development. It doesn’t have to be that way. Many companies say they want their employees to bring their whole selves – so bring it! Be true to you!

Now I coach working professionals on how to integrate wellness of mind, body, and spirit into their own lives. I provide education, care kits and an empathetic ear to help them find better work-life balance. I teach them the tools they can use for success in business and in life. On the road, in the corner office, in cubeville or even a hoteling desk, you can do it!

I can teach you how to be well at work AND at home.

It is possible to be a road warrior and honor one’s environment with a few happy changes and a challenge here and there! Contact me for a free introduction – let’s see if we are a good fit!

Be well!


Christine, ready to plan!
  • Herbs & Simples 90%
  • Flower Essences 60%
  • Aromatherapy 80%
  • Guided Meditation 90%
  • Journaling and Scheduling 95%
  • S.M.A.R.T. goals and proven business methodologies 98%
  • Customer Happiness 99.999%

My Recent Work

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